Flour Bagging System With Double Weight Hopper & Six Stations

Capacity Information

While it varies according to the product to be bagged and the tolerance required, the values relating to the packaging speed below shall provide some information about the capacity of the system.

  • 10 ton/hour in 10 kg bagging
  • 22,5 ton/hour in 25 kg bagging
  • 42,5 ton/hour in 50 kg bagging



 Ergonomic Filling Station

 Precision Weighing

• New Aesthetics And Ergonomic Design
• Minimum Noise Level
• Minimum Parts Replacement Time
• Easy Maintenance And Cleaning
• High Stability
• Low Operation Cost
• Long Term Of Using
• Maximum Ease Of Use
• Maximum Sanitation


 Stable Filling Design

 2x110 Lt. Capacity Filling Pan

2x110 Lt kapasiteli dolum deposu, 2 adet sensör ile kontrol imkanı.

 Tape and Sewing Table

Hızlı ve kusursuz dikiş sistemi.

 Shaky System

 Platform (Optional)

Kat sistemi uygun olmayan projeler için çözüm.

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